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Published Jun 2023

Archaeopress Journals


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Groma: Documenting Archaeology 6

Groma: Issue 6 2021

Documenting Archaeology (Dept of History and Cultures, University of Bologna)

Edited by Enrico Giorgi, Julian Bogdani

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Groma stems from the Department of History and Cultures (DISCI) of the University of Bologna and focuses on the different methodologies applied to archaeology. Particular attention is paid to Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology.



Articles ;
Traces around a capital: the hinterland of Ravenna through remote sensing – Michele Abballe, Marco Cavalazzi ;
New considerations on the acropolis of Butrint during the Archaic age – Federica Carbotti ;
Rocca Savelli (Aventine Hill). Contribution to the knowledge on defence systems for family goods in Rome during the Late Middle Ages – Andrea Fiorini ;
The use of mudbricks and earth in modern Umbrian architectures: a preliminary report – Stefano Bordoni ;
A diachronic multi-source approach to the study of a historical landscape in Central-Western Europe: the Blies Survey Project – S. Antonelli, J.-P. Petit, A. Stinsky, C. Casolino, S. D’Arcangelo, P. Haupt, M. Moderato, S. Occhietti, V. Ollive, D. Rieth, S. Schmit ;
The 3D reconstruction model of the Roman theatre of Falerio Picenus (Falerone, Italy): promoting cultural heritage, understanding our past – Paolo Storchi ;

Notes ;
Architectures and urban landscapes in Pompeii: the project of Sapienza University in the Regio VII – Rosy Bianco, Sara Bossi, Maria Teresa D’Alessio ;
Preliminary zooarchaeological analysis of the Phoenice and Butrint excavations (2021 campaign) – Fabio Fiori ;
Geomatics and Ancient Architecture: the study of Villa San Marco and the Baths of StabiaeDario Saggese ;

Reviews ;
Julian Bogdani, Riccardo Montalbano, Paolo Rosati (eds.), Archeo.FOSS XIV 2020: Open software, hardware, processes, data and formats in archeological research, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference (15-17 October 2020), Archaeopress Archaeology, Oxford 2021 | Book review – Noemi Giovino ;
Davide Gangale Risoleo, Ippolita Raimondo (eds), Landscape: una sintesi di elementi diacronici. Metodologie a confronto per l’analisi del territorio, BAR International Series 3047, Oxford, 2021 | Book review – Francesco Pizzimenti ;
Custode Silvio Fioriello, Francis Tassaux (eds), I paesaggi costieri dell’Adriatico tra Antichita e Altomedioevo: Atti della Tavola Rotonda di Bari, 22–23 maggio 2017, Ausonius Editions, Bordeaux, 2019 | Book review – Frank Vermeulen