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Published Aug 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Limes; Congress; Historiography; Roman; Heritage

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By David J. Breeze, Tatiana Ivleva, Rebecca H. Jones, Andreas Thiel

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This volume celebrates the twenty-fifth Congress of Roman Frontier Studies. It presents the history of the congress accompanied by photographs and reminiscences from participants, a story populated by many of the well-known archaeologists of the last 75 years and, indeed, earlier as the genesis of the Congress lies in the inter-War years.



Preface ;

Introduction ;

The Sixth International Congress of Archaeology, Berlin 1939 ;

The First Congress, Newcastle, England, UK 1949 ;

The Second Congress, Carnuntum, Austria 1955 ;

The Third Congress, Rheinfelden/Basel, Switzerland 1957 ;

The Fourth Congress, Durham, England, UK 1959 ;

The Fifth Congress, former Yugoslavia 1961 ;

The Sixth Congress, Arnoldshain, Germany 1964 ;

The Seventh Congress, Tel Aviv, Israel 1967 ;

The Eighth Congress, Cardiff, Wales, UK 1969 ;

The Ninth Congress, Mamaïa, Romania 1972 ;

The Tenth Congress, Xanten and Nijmegen, Germany and the Netherlands 1974 ;

The Eleventh Congress, Székesfehérvár, Hungary 1976 ;

The Twelfth Congress, Stirling, Scotland, UK 1979 ;

The Thirteenth Congress, Aalen, Germany 1983 ;

The Fourteenth Congress, Carnuntum, Austria 1986 ;

The Fifteenth Congress, Canterbury, England (UK) 1989 ;

The Sixteenth Congress, Rolduc Abbey, Kerkrade, the Netherlands 1995 ;

The Seventeenth Congress, Zalău, Romania 1997 ;

The Eighteenth Congress, Amman, Jordan 2000 ;

The Nineteenth Congress, Pécs, Hungary 2003 ;

The Twentieth Congress, León, Spain 2006 ;

The Twenty-First Congress, Newcastle, England (UK) 2009 ;

The Twenty-second Congress, Ruse, Bulgaria 2012 ;

The Twenty-third Congress, Ingolstadt, Germany 2015 ;

The Twenty-fourth Congress, Viminacium, Serbia 2018 ;

Reflections on the Congress ;
The structure of the Congress meetings ;
International influences ;
The cycle of meetings ;
The location of Congresses ;
Planning a Congress ;
Special features ;

The Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage property ;

Further reading ;

Appendix: The frontiers of the Roman Empire multi-language books ;