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Published Jun 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789699456

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Roman Frontier; Limes; Forts; Quarries; Monumental Buildings; Egypt

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Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Frontiers of the Roman Empire: The Roman Frontier in Egypt

Frontières de l’empire romain : la frontière romaine en Égypte

By David J. Breeze, Michel Reddé

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The Roman military remains of Egypt are remarkable in their variety and state of preservation: forts, quarries whose materials were used in the monumental buildings of Rome, roads which brought the Mediterranean into contact with the Indian Ocean; each reader of this book will enjoy learning more about the remarkable Roman inheritance of Egypt.



Foreword by David J. Breeze and Michel Reddé ;
Common cultural heritage of the Roman empire ;
The Roman empire ;
Frontiers and trade ;
The “Frontiers of the Roman Empire” World Heritage Site ;
The definition of a World Heritage Site ;
The task ahead ;
History and extent of frontiers ;
Rome´s foreign policy ;
The location of frontiers ;
The army and frontiers ;
The purpose of frontiers ;
Soldiers and civilians ;
Military administration ;
Research on Roman frontiers ;
Inscriptions and documents ;
Survey and excavation ;
Aerial survey ;
Protection and presentation of frontiers ;
Future perspectives ;
The garrison ;
The distribution of troops across the territory ;
Nubia ;
The mines and quarries of the Eastern Desert ;
The eastern trade trails ;
Towards late Antiquity ;
Late Antiquity ;
The army of Egypt and its frontier ;
General books on frontiers ;
Select bibliography for Egypt ;
Illustration acknowledgements

About the Author

Professor David J. Breeze has published several books on Roman frontiers and the Roman army. He is a former chairman of the International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies and led the team which successfully nominated the Antonine Wall as a World Heritage Site. ;

Michel Reddé is a professor emeritus at the School for Advanced Studies at the Paris Sciences et Lettres University. He has directed or collaborated on several archaeological sites in Egypt and in France (Alésia). He has been director of the European project on studying north-east Roman Gaul.