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200 pages

176 figures, 15 tables (colour throughout)

Published Dec 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789697407

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Bronze Age; Egypt; Nubia; archaeometallurgy; INAA; lead isotopes; C-Group; New Kingdom; Old Kingdom; Giza; Aniba; Abydos

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Archaeopress Egyptology 31

Invisible Connections: An Archaeometallurgical Analysis of the Bronze Age Metalwork from the Egyptian Museum of the University of Leipzig

By Martin Odler, Jiří Kmošek

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The Egyptian Museum of the University of Leipzig has the largest university collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts in Germany. This volume presents an analysis of 86 of these artefacts using a range of archaeometallurgical methods in order to provide a diachronic sample of Bronze Age Egyptian copper alloy metalwork from Dynasty 1 to Dynasty 19.



Foreword ;
1. Introduction ;
2. History of the collection ;
3. Egyptological framework of the study ;
4. Methodology of the analytical study ;
5. Dynasty-1 Abusir ;
6. Dynasty-2 Abydos ;
7. Old Kingdom Giza ;
8. First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom artefacts ;
9. C-Group Aniba ;
10 Kerma culture ;
11. Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom Aniba ;
12. Other New Kingdom provenanced artefacts ;
13. Unprovenanced artefacts ;
14. Archaeometallurgical summary (JK) ;
15. Archaeological and historical summary (MO) ;
16. Concluding remarks ;
17. Bibliography

About the Author

Martin Odler defended his PhD thesis in 2020. In 2016, he published the monograph Old Kingdom Copper Tools and Model Tools, the first of its kind in Egyptology, with Archaeopress. In Abusir (Egypt), he co-led the excavation of a new type of Egyptian tomb (AS 103) and of the latest known tomb of a transitional type from early Dynasty 4 (AS 104). ;

Jiří Kmošek is an archaeometallurgist, a PhD candidate at the Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He has analysed not only ancient Egyptian material but also Bronze Age metalwork from the Czech Republic.