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Published Jun 2020

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


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Megaliths; Megalithism; Geology; Prehistory; Tombs

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Megaliths and Geology: Megálitos e Geologia

MEGA-TALKS 2: 19-20 November 2015 (Redondo, Portugal)

Edited by Rui Boaventura, Rui Mataloto, André Pereira

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This book presents contributions from MegaTalks 2, (Portugal, 2015), part of the MegaGeo project which aimed to analyse the raw material economy in the construction of megalithic tombs in multiple territories, showing the representation of several prehistoric communities that raised them and their relationship with the surrounding areas.



Introduction: Megaliths and Geology: a journey through monuments, landscapes and peoples ;
Moving megaliths in the Neolithic - a multi analytical case study of dolmens in Freixo-Redondo (Alentejo, Portugal). – Rui Boaventura, Patrícia Moita, Jorge Pedro, Rui Mataloto, Luis Almeida, Pedro Nogueira, Jaime Máximo, André Pereira, José Francisco Santos & Sara Ribeiro ;
Funerary megalithism in the south of Beira Interior: architectures, spoils and cultural sequences. – João Luís Cardoso ;
A look at Proença-a-Nova’s Megalithism (Beira Baixa Intermunicipal Community, UNESCO Global Geopark Naturtejo, Portugal). – João Caninas, Francisco Henriques, Mário Monteiro, Paulo Félix, Carlos Neto de Carvalho, André Pereira, Fernando Robles Henriques, Cátia Mendes & Emanuel Carvalho ;
From matter to essence. Sourcing raw materials for the votive artefacts of the megalithic communities in Ribeira da Seda (North Alentejo, Portugal): a preliminary approach. – Marco António Andrade ;
Construction materials of the monuments of Los Llanetes group, El Pozuelo cemetery (Huelva, Spain). Selection, exploitation and provenance of stone blocks. – José Antonio Linares Catela ;
An approach to the Megalithic Architectures in the Douro Basin: some chrono-ypological remarks and examples about the use of different lithologies. – Cristina Tejedor-Rodríguez & Manuel Ángel Rojo-Guerra ;
Geology, Landscape and Meaning in the Megalithic Monuments of Western and Northern Europe. – Chris Scarre ;
Long-distance landscapes: from quarries to monument at Stonehenge. – Mike Parker Pearson, Richard Bevins, Rob Ixer, Joshua Pollard, Colin Richards & Kate Welham ;
Raw material and work force in Falbygden passage graves. Identity, competition and social dynamic. – Karl-Göran Sjögren

About the Author

Rui Boaventura† (1971-2016) obtained a PhD in Prehistory from the School of Arts and Humanities (University of Lisbon) in 2010. As a Post-Doc researcher at UNIARQ (Center for Archaeology, University of Lisbon), in 2013 he headed the MEGAGEO Project: Moving megaliths in the Neolithic. He passed away in 2016, victim of a prolonged illness. ;

Rui Mataloto Pereira has, over the past 15 years, directed studies on the Megalithism of the South slope of Serra d’Ossa. ;

André Pereira Pereira currently works for UNIARQ (Centre for Archaeology, University of Lisbon), in Science Management in relation to archaeology.