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370 pages

Illustrated throughout (89 colour pages)

Published Jun 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789692402

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Early Travellers; Near East; Egypt; Ottoman; Tourism

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Publications of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East

Journeys Erased by Time: The Rediscovered Footprints of Travellers in Egypt and the Near East

Edited by Neil Cooke

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Early travellers in Egypt and the Near East made great contributions to our historical and geographical knowledge and gave us a better understanding of the different peoples, languages and religions of the region. Travellers in this volume are a mixture of rich and poor, bravely adventuring into the unknown, not knowing if would ever return home.



Introduction - by Neil Cooke

1: Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela: a 12th-Century Traveller to the Middle East - by Paul Starkey

2: George Husz from Rascinia in Slavonia: a Croatian traveller and his voyage around the Orient between 1532 and 1541 - by Mladen Tomorad

3: Samuel Atkins: His diary or journal for the years 1680-88 - by Hakan Yazar

4: More treasure hunting in Qurna – the ‘Amr Mosque - by Caroline Simpson

5: Soldiering in Egypt - by Sarah Shepherd

6: The French House in Luxor: Living on top of a temple - by Hélène Virenque and Sylvie Weens

7: The notorious Emil Brugsch: ‘It is said that Brugsch Bey would sell the whole museum.’ - by Heicke Schmidt

8: From Rags to Riches: the adventures of Victor Gustave Maunier in Egypt 1848-1868 - by Sylvie Weens

9: “Let’s have a beer at Gorff’s!” - by Isolde Lehnert

10: A suffragist in Palestine: Millicent Fawcett’s journeys in the 1920s - by Lucy Pollard

11: Anton Prokesch von Osten and his contribution to evolving Egyptology - by Ernst Czerny

12: What the ‘Noble Traveller’ got up to in Thebes: Lord Belmore’s ‘Herculean undertaking’ in TT 148 - by Boyo G. Ockinga

13: Americans on the river Nile in the 1874-1875 Season - by Andrew Oliver

14: Sources of inspiration: Jean-Baptiste Vanmour and other artist-travellers in Ottoman Lands - by Janet Starkey

15: In the wake of a rake: Artist Francis Smith and the 6th Baron Baltimore - by Brian J. Taylor

16: Everything I Want People to Know is in my Books: Leo Tregenza’s Journeys in the Eastern Desert - by Ronald E. Zitterkopf

17: The British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) Expedition to Moab in 1872 – Ginsburg and Tristram: an old academic quarrel? - by David Kennedy

18: ‘Nothing great can be achieved except in the Orient’ said Napoleon Bonaparte - by Heba Sheta