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Published Apr 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Egypt; Egyptology; Literature; Texts; Iconography; Architecture; Funerary; Burial; Museum Studies; Material Culture; Egyptomania

Archaeopress Egyptology 18

Egypt 2015: Perspectives of Research

Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference of Egyptologists (2nd-7th June, 2015, Zagreb – Croatia)

Edited by Mladen Tomorad, Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska

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This volume presents proceedings from the Seventh European Conference of Egyptologists, Zagreb, Croatia 2015.



Preface ;

Section 1: Language, Literature and Religious Texts ;
Time(s) in Ancient Egyptian: Perspectives of a Broad Lexical Study. The Case of dwA.t and dwA (Gaëlle Chantrain) ;
Nu, Continuity and Everlastingness in the Pyramid Texts (Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska) ;
‘Children of Weakness’ in the Book of Gates (Mykola Tarasenko) ;
Is There an Egyptian Hero? – the Contributions of Mythological and Literary Studies to an Egyptological Subject (Bárbara Botelho Rodrigues) ;
The Study of Sacred Space in Ancient Egypt: an Example of Interaction Between Egyptology and Other Fields of Knowledge (Guilherme Borges Pires) ;

Section 2: Art, Iconography and Architecture Studies ;
An Examination and Analysis of the Role of the Iconographic Rosette Motif in the Egyptian Artistic Repertoire: a Case Study (Cheryl Hart) ;
A Note on the Late Middle Kingdom Stelae ‘Workshop’ at Thebes (Danijela Stefanović) ;
Domestic Architecture and Daily Life in Meroitic Nubia (Marco Baldi) ;

Section 3: Funerary and Burial Studies ;
The Earliest Source of the So-called Book of Two Ways as a Coffin Floorboard Decoration from the Early Middle Kingdom (Wael Sherbiny) ;
Egyptian Coffins at the Fitzwilliam Museum: a Case Study in Collection Formation (Helen Strudwick) ;
The History of the Main Burial Shaft of Theban Tomb 99 from 1450 BC to the Present Day (Nigel Strudwick) ;
Provenancing Roman Period Mummy Masks: Workshop Groups and Distribution Areas (Asja Müller) ;

Section 4: Material Culture and Museum Studies ;
The Decorated Pottery from Proto- and Early Dynastic Periods at Tell el-Farkha (Western Kom), Egypt (Magdalena Sobas) ;
The Sunshade after the Old Kingdom – Female Attribute with Hathoric Connotation? (Lubica Hudáková) ;
Settlement Pottery from the Old Kingdom Period at Tell El-Murra Trench T5 (Magdalena Kazimierczak) ;
Some Ramesside Appropriations of Ancient Memphis (Steven Snape) ;
A Stelophorous Statuette from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens: an Adorer Offering a Hymn–Stele to the Solar God Rē‛ [aiγ Λ 108] (Alicia Maravelia) ;
The Cult of Bastet during the First Millennium BC: some Bronzes from the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest (Maria Diletta Pubblico) ;
Shabtis from the Museum and Private Collections in Croatia: Dating and Typological Study (Mladen Tomorad) ;
Shabtis and Pseudo-Shabtis from the Roman Provinces of Pannonia, Dacia and Moesia. An Overview (Dan-Augustin Deac) ;
The Egyptian Collection at the Civico Museo di Storia ed Arte of Trieste: its History and Some Highlights (Susanna Moser) ;
Excavating an Archive. The Borgia Collection of Egyptian Antiquities in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (MANN) (Stefania Mainieri) ;

Section 5: Historical Studies ;
The Neolithic Period in Lower Egypt – Research Problems and Priorities (Agnieszka Mączyńska) ;
Meret-Neith: in the Footsteps of the First Woman Pharaoh in History (Jean-Pierre Pätznick) ;
Regional Administration in Late Middle Kingdom Egypt (Alexander Ilin-Tomich) ;
Enemies Hanged Upside (Head) Down (Uroš Matić) ;
Egypt and the Southern Levant Nomadic Populations: the Dynamics of Relations During Late Bronze/Early Iron Age (Eva Katarina Glazer) ;

Section 6: Egyptomania and Modern Travellers to Egypt ;
Wonderful Things: Thematic Transmission in Egyptian Revival Jewellery (Joyce Tyldesley) ;
Eight Years Following the Traces of Giuseppe and Amalia Nizzoli: Preliminary Results of the Nizzoli Project (Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo and Irene Guidotti)