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Published Mar 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784915506

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Artemis; Cult; Sanctuaries; Greece; Archaeology; Literary sources

Artemis and Her Cult

By Ruth M. Léger


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Artemis and Her Cult provides a first attempt to bring together archaeological and literary sources from two main Artemis sanctuaries, hoping to contribute to a clearer picture of her cult.



Abstract; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Artemis; 3. Archaeology Related to Cult Activity; 4. Common Features; 5. Cult Activity; 6. Artemis and Her Cult; Final conclusion; Bibliography; Artemis and Her Cult – Appendices: Appendix 1: A Summary of the Three Main Attic Cult Sites for Artemis; Appendix 2: Votive Objects Found at Artemis Orthia, Sparta; Appendix 3: Votive objects found at Artemis Ephesia, Ephesus; Appendix 4: Dawkins’ 1910 and 1907 Excavation Plans. Dawkins 1929; Appendix 5: Modern Overview of Artemis Orthia Site, Sparta; Appendix 6: Comparison of Dating by Dawkins and Boardman; Appendix 7: Inscription by Soixiadas Arikrateos; Appendix 8: Table of Masks Found at Artemis Orthia, Sparta; Appendix 9: Examples of the Masks from the Spartan Museum of Archaeology; Appendix 10: Wrinkled Masks: Same or Different Category?; Appendix 11: The Origin of Masks; Appendix 12: Lead Figurines; Appendix 13: Plans of the different phases of the architecture at the site of Artemis Ephesia; Appendix 14: Modern overview of Artemis Ephesia site, Ephesus; Appendix 15: Ephesian Coins (BC unless otherwise stated); Appendix 16: Artemis Ephesia Statues and their Features Tabled Based on Plate Numbers Fleischer 1973; Appendix 17: Plan of the Temple of Alea Athena, Tegea; Appendix 18: The Legend of Telephos; Appendix 19: Votive Objects Found at Alea Athena, Tegea; Appendix 20: Common features at sanctuaries of Artemis at Sparta, Ephesus, Brauron and Athena at Tegea; Appendix 21: krateriskoi depicting clothed females; Appendix 22: krateriskoi depicting naked females; Appendix 23: krateriskoi depicting musical instruments; Appendix 24: krateriskos showing a bear-like figure

About the Author

Ruth Léger's love for ancient culture started with the subjects of Latin and Greek at secondary school. After a BA and MA degrees at the Universiteit Utrecht, she moved to Birmingham to pursue her PhD. This book is the result of her research in the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology under supervision of Dr K.A. Wardle, and is a starting point for mapping out sanctuaries and their history throughout the Greek world.


'Overall, [Leger] sets a fine pattern for archaeological studies on other deities that may be envisaged in the future.'