Ivana Ožanić Roguljić

ORCID 0000-0002-0140-8011

Ivana Ožanić Roguljić is an archaeologist specialising in the classical period, with a particular focus on instrumentum domesticum, the history of food, remote sensing and communications. She works on The Database of Antique Archaeological Sites of the Republic of Croatia. She is the Principal Investigator of the project ‘Life on the Roman Road - Communications, Trade and Identities on Roman Roads in Croatia from 1st to 8th century (HRZZ)’, and was a partner on the Interreg project, Living Danube Limes.


Life along Communication Routes from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages

ed. Ivana Ožanić Roguljić

This volume presents the latest research on Roman roads, not just in terms of their basic infrastructure but also exploring various aspects of life that were connected with it, from the Imperial period to that of decline, acculturation and integration of new identities, within the three Roman provinces of Pannonia, Moesia and Dalmatia. READ MORE

Paperback: £35.00 | eBook: £16.00

TRADE: Transformations of Adriatic Europe (2nd–9th Centuries AD)

ed. Ivana Ožanić Roguljić

Spanning the period between the 2nd and 9th centuries, this volume collects 45 papers dealing with the Adriatic area that aim to create a new dataset for the historical reconstruction of processes related to forms of settlement, aspects of production, and trade and the movement of pottery and other craft products between its two coasts. READ MORE

Paperback: £65.00 | eBook: £16.00