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166 pages

101 figures, 8 tables (colour throughout)

Published Dec 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803275970

Digital: 9781803275987

DOI 10.32028/9781803275970

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Panonnia; Dalmatia; Moesia; Roman roads; early Middle Age; communications; road stations; settlements

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Life along Communication Routes from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages

Roads and Rivers 2

Edited by Ivana Ožanić Roguljić, Jere Drpić, Angelina Raičković Savić

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This volume presents the latest research on Roman roads, not just in terms of their basic infrastructure but also exploring various aspects of life that were connected with it, from the Imperial period to that of decline, acculturation and integration of new identities, within the three Roman provinces of Pannonia, Moesia and Dalmatia.




Šibenik’s Donje Polje – Toni Brajković, Andrija Nakić and Željko Krnčević

Discovering Roman Roads of the Trilj Area – Domagoj Bužanić, Jelena Bužanić, Blaž Glavinić, Karla Ivak, Marko Jukić, Lucija Prusac, Domagoj Tončinić and Ivan Vidović

A Fort on the Road – Andrej Janeš and Nikolina Vrančić

An Island of Connectedness: Intra-Insular and Inter-Regional Communications of Rab Island
(North-East Adriatic, Kvarner Gulf), Croatia – Ana Konestra, Paula Androić Gračanin and Fabian Welc

The Roadside Station at Žuta Lokva – Ivana Ožanić Roguljić


Petrijanec-Aqua VivaLovorka Štimac-Dedić

The Unknown about the Known: The Možđenec-Sudovec Roman Road – Jere Drpić

New Data, Old Town: The Case of Aquae BalissaeAndrej Janeš, Marina Matković Vrban and Ivana Hirschler Marić

The Road from Mursa to the North: Segments of the Road in Remote Sensing Data – Mislav Fileš and Miroslav Vuković

On the Road from Ad Herculem to Rittium (Segment Čortanovci-Surduk) – Biljana Lučić, Alessandro De Rosa, Sara Zanni, Gorana Lemajić, Sonja Štefanski-Zorić, Radoslav Muždeka and Uroš Nikolić

Lifeline of the Frontier: The Road and Port Network and the Concept of Supply and Distribution in
Moesia SuperiorNemanja Mrđić and Angelina Raičković Savić

Signposts of Settlement: Roman Communications and Avar-Age Sites in Continental Croatia:
Overlap Pattern Analysis – Lorena Jurakić and Pia Šmalcelj Novaković

Small Items, Big Results – Anita Rapan Papeša

About the Author

Ivana Ožanić Roguljić is an archaeologist specialising in the classical period, with a particular focus on instrumentum domesticum, the history of food, remote sensing and communications. She works on The Database of Antique Archaeological Sites of the Republic of Croatia. She is the Principal Investigator of the project ‘Life on the Roman Road - Communications, Trade and Identities on Roman Roads in Croatia from 1st to 8th century (HRZZ)’, and was a partner on the Interreg project, Living Danube Limes.


Jere Drpić has research interests covering the period of antiquity, focusing in particular on archaeological GIS, landscape archaeology and Roman roads. Currently he is employed as an assistant/doctoral student on the project ‘Life on the Roman Road - Communications, Trade and Identities on Roman Roads in Croatia from 1st to 8th century (HRZZ)’.


Angelina Raičković Savić is principally focused on the project ‘Viminacium, Roman city and Legionary Fort’. Her interests relate primarily to Roman pottery and the use of scientific techniques for the analysis of materials. She is involved in several international projects, including ‘ARCHEST - Developing archaeological audiences along the Roman route Aquileia-Emona-Sirmium-Viminacium’ and ‘Life on the Roman Road’. She is involved in various initiatives to bring archaeological research to children and the general public.