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Published Sep 2024

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803278131

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DOI 10.32028/9781803278131

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Byzantium; Byzantine; Harbours; Coastal Infrastructure; Seafaring; Mediterranean; Late Antiquity; Medieval

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Harbours of Byzantium

The Archaeology of Coastal Infrastructures

Edited by Alkiviadis Ginalis


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Beyond general approaches to the study of Byzantine harbour archaeology, contributions in this volume offer a representative picture of harbour activities across the historical and geographical boundaries of the Byzantine Empire, providing the basis for future comparative research on a local, regional, and supra-regional level.



Editor’s Preface

1. Byzantine Imperial policy towards the building and maintaining of ports in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 6th century AD and the technology involved – Ruthy Gertwagen

2. Was Roman marine concrete used in Byzantine harbour construction? An unanswered question – Robert L. Hohlfelder

3. Ports, harbours, and landings of the Byzantine Terra d’Otranto – Paul Arthur

4. The Late Antique and Byzantine port of Thessalian Thebes: The archaeology of its coastal infrastructures – Alkiviadis Ginalis and Anna Gialouri

5. The port facilities of Thessaloniki up to the Byzantine era – Marina Leivadioti

6. Remarks on the urban transformations of the harbours of the north Aegean coastline during the early Christian era as well as on their links with the road network – Flora Karagianni

7. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the ancient harbour site of ‘Karon limen’ or ‘Portus Caria/Carea’, Bulgaria – Preslav Peev, Alkiviadis Ginalis, Bogdan Prodanov, and Grigori Simeonov

8. Bathonea (?): A newly discovered ancient port in the hinterland of Byzantion/Constantinople – Şengül G. Aydingün

9. A Late Antique and Byzantine harbour in Constantinople: The Theodosian harbour at Yenikapı – history, archaeology, and architecture – Ayşe Ercan-Kydonakis

10. Between Yavneh-Yam and Rhinocorura: The Byzantine portals of the southern Levant – Gil Gambash

11. The harbour installations of Lake Mariout (Alexandria region) in the Late Roman Empire (4th - 7th centuries AD) – Valérie Pichot