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Published Jun 2024

Archaeopress Archaeology


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DOI 10.32028/9781803277752

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Ancient Thermalism; Roman; Baths; Spas; Healing; Health; Architecture; Territory; Ancient Rome

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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 117

Thermalism in the Roman Provinces

The Role of Medicinal Mineral Waters across the Empire

Edited by Silvia González Soutelo


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This book is focused on the role of thermal establishments with mineral-medicinal waters in the different territories of the Roman Empire, including their symbiosis with the landscape as well as the ways in which their construction was adapted to give greater comfort to those who came to take advantage of their health-giving properties.



Introduction – Silvia González Soutelo

1. Adaptations to Topographical and Geological Conditions. Healing Spas over the Territory

The Roman Thermal Spa of Aquae Iasae, Varaždinske Toplice (Croatia) – Dora KUŠAN ŠPALJ and Nikoleta PEROK

Healing Spas in the Arverni Territory (France, Auvergne Rhône Alpes) – Lise AUGUSTIN-ROLLAND, Élise NECTOUX, Hélène DARTEVELLE, Bertrand DOUSTEYSSIER, Élise FOVET and Gabriel ROC­QUE

Nunc Baias Petamus. A Visit to the Roman Elite Spa Town from an Archaeological Perspective – Matthias NIEBERLE

Architecture Adapted to Thermal Springs Some Examples of Roman Engineering Solutions to Thermo-Mineral Water Abstraction in the Western Empire – Matteo MARCATO and Silvia GONZÁLEZ SOUTELO

The Use of Thermal and Medicinal Waters in Aquincum (Budapest, Hungary) – Gabriella FÉNYES

The Role of Statues in the Thermal Springs of the Province of Asia During the Roman Imperial Period – Ahmet YARAŞ and Gamze ÜSKÜPLÜ AKGÜL

2. Healing Spas in Context. The Role of Bathing Establishments in the Territory

Banja Bansko (r. North Macedonia) Through Time and Space – Vane P. SEKULOV

Ceremonial Buildings at Thermo-Mineral Springs: the Example of Via Scavi at Montegrotto Terme – Maddalena BASSANI

Aquae Helveticae Becomes Baden (switzerland). from the Roman Vicus to the Medieval Town – Andrea SCHAER

Repositioning a Spa in Space and Time: the Bagneres-de-Bigorre Spa (Hautes-Pyrénées, France) – Laurent COSTA and Richard SABATIER

Space and Place Around the Sacred Pool of Bagno Grande at San Casciano Dei Bagni (toscany, Italy) – Jacopo TABOLLI and Emanuele MARIOTTI

Transformation of Residential Architecture into Private and Public Baths in Late Antique Baiae – Gioconda DI LUCA

The Roman Healing Spa of Termas De São Vicente (Penafiel, Portugal) and Its Surroundings in Roman Times and Late Antiquity – Teresa SOEIRO, Silvia GONZÁLEZ SOUTELO, Helena BERNARDO and Jorge SAMPAIO

The Exploitation of Natural Resources at Aquae Flauiae (Chaves, Portugal) – Sérgio CARNEIRO


3. Healing Spas and Ancient Roads. Pilgrims and Visitors to Thermal Sites.

Ad Aquas… Some Observations on the Correlation Between Accessibility and Development of Thermal Sites in Roman Thrace – Mariya AVRAMOVA

Thermalism and Road System in the African Roman Provinces. a Focus on Roman Algeria – Paola ZANOVELLO and Jacopo TURCHETTO

About the Author

Silvia González Soutelo is a lecturer in Classical Archaeology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), where she leads a Spanish National project on Roman thermal heritage entitled Thermascape (PID2022-138809NB-I00). She graduated in Archaeology from the University of Barcelona and gained a PhD in History (Archaeology/Ancient History) from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela cum laude, receiving an Extraordinary Doctorate Award. She has also coordinated the 'Tomás y Valiente' project, ‘Healing spas in Antiquity’, from which emerged the website, designed to encourage the creation of an international network on ancient thermalism and as a forum for the development of specific studies on Roman spas.