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Published Dec 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Winchester; Roman Britain; Excavations; Finds; Prehistory

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Venta Belgarum: Prehistoric, Roman, and Post-Roman Winchester

By Francis M. Morris, Martin Biddle

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This is a detailed study of the archaeology of Roman Winchester—Venta Belgarum, a major town in the south of the province of Britannia— and its development from the regional (civitas) capital of the Iron Age people, the Belgae, who inhabited much of what is now central and southern Hampshire.


About the Author

Francis Morris has a particular interest in the late Iron Age, Roman, and early Anglo-Saxon periods in Britain and in contemporary connections between Britain and continental Europe at that time. He took a DPhil in Archaeology at the University of Oxford in 2010 and subsequently worked at the Oxford Celtic Coin Index and on the publication of the Biddles’ excavations at the chapter house of St Albans Abbey (forthcoming). Since 2012 Francis has contributed to the publication of books in the Winchester Studies series, especially WS 3.i (this book), WS 4.i The Anglo-Saxon Minsters of Winchester (forthcoming), and WS 11 The British Historic Towns Atlas of Winchester.

Martin Biddle has an extensive archaeological career, but is perhaps most recognized for his excavations in Winchester where he introduced into urban archaeology a multi-period and multi-disciplinary approach employing archaeology, topography, and historical archives, treating all periods from the Iron Age to the post-medieval with equal weight. This is the first of the Winchester Studies series to publish detailed site reports of the field and urban archaeology from his Winchester excavations.


‘…the single fullest and most impressive volume on any Roman town [bringing] together the observations and excavations over three centuries. The plans and sections from WEC’s excavations will allow future scholars to evaluate further, and marvel at what was achieved. The finds reports are accorded equal prominence, a real godsend to anyone working on Roman site reports in Britain and Western Europe. A volume of prime importance to everyone interested in Roman Britain, it should be on the shelves of every Archaeological Unit and indeed every excavator.’Martin Henig, Wolfson College, University of Oxford