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Published Dec 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Malta; Gozo; Roman Archaeology; Religion; Epigraphy

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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 103

The Roman Municipia of Malta and Gozo

The Epigraphic Evidence

By George Azzopardi

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How did the Maltese and Gozitans fare under Roman occupation? How were they treated by their new masters? And what did they do to appease them? Though based essentially on epigraphical evidence, this study seeks to address the above and other questions through an exercise in which epigraphy and the archaeological record supplement each other.




Chapter 1: The Romanisation of the Maltese islands

Chapter 2: The Vallii in Gozo

Chapter 3: Quintus Lutatius Longinus and his wife Iunia

Chapter 4: Reading CIL, X, 7506. A case of elite friendships?

Chapter 5: Publicia Irene and her daughter Publicia Glycera: their social status, religious identity and perceptions of afterlife

Chapter 6: Iulia Domna and her maternal ideology in the perception of the Gozitan municipes

Chapter 7: Religion in the exercise of power: the religious and political context of a priestly dedication to Iulia Augusta

Chapter 8: Sponsoring a temple to Apollo

Chapter 9: The initiative of the islands’ procurator to preserve the temple of Proserpina

Chapter 10: The Gozo municipium in late Roman times


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About the Author

George Azzopardi is a practising archaeologist from Gozo who specialises in the Roman epigraphy of the Maltese islands. His main research interests centre on the Classical period, with the phenomenon of continuity from earlier – sometimes even prehistoric – traditions as a marked focus, be it religious, social, or political.