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52 figures, 540 plates, 6 tables (colour throughout)

Published Jun 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Hardback: 9781803274959

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DOI 10.32028/9781803274959

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Sudan; Fourth Cataract; Palaeoenvironment; Flora; Folklore; Agriculture

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Archaeology by the Fourth Nile Cataract

Sudan Archaeological Research Society Publication 26

Archaeology by the Fourth Nile Cataract: Survey and Excavations on the left bank of the river and on the islands between Amri and Kirbekan, Volume I

Landscape, toponyms and oral history and the people, their settlements, architecture and land use before the Merowe Dam

By Derek A. Welsby

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The first in a series of volumes publishing results of surveys and excavations in the region of the Fourth Cataract, chapters focus on the palaeoenvironment in the concession area between Amri and Kirbekan, on the flora and toponyms, and on the folklore, agricultural practices, architecture and the lifestyles of the Manasir and Shaqiya inhabitants.



Preface – Salaheldin Mohamed Ahmed ;

Summary ;

1. Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project. The SARS Amri to Kirbekan Survey 1999-2007 – Derek A. Welsby ;

2. The landscape of the Fourth Nile Cataract and its geomorphologic evolution – Pawel Wolf, Baldur Gabriel, Robert Bussert and Ronny Schomacker ;

3. Merowe Dam Project. Land use and Vegetation in the Flooding Area of a planned Hydrodam in Northern Sudan – Arnaud Malterer ;

4. The Oral History of the Manāṣīr – M. Jalal Hashim ;

5. Toponymy in the Fourth Cataract – M. Jalal Hashim ;

6. Dar el-Arab Fourth Cataract: 2004 Ethnographic Studies – Rebecca Bradley and Nuha Abdel Hafiz Abdel Aziz ;

7. Modern Vernacular Architecture and Settlements Organization at the Fourth Nile Cataract between Dar el-Arab and Dar el-Waraaq – Nadejda Reshetnikova ;

8. Architecture and life in villages of the Fourth Nile Cataract in the region of al Ṭirēf – Frances Welsh ;

9. Bibliography for Volume I

About the Author

Derek A. Welsby, while a curator in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum, was the project director, and one of the field directors, of the SARS Amri to Kirbekan Survey from 1999 to 2007. He has directed excavations and surveys in Sudan on a wide range of sites since 1982. Many of the other contributors, from a variety of disciplines, participated in the fieldwork for one or more seasons.