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Published Apr 2023

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


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Manure hyphotesis; Non sites; Surveys; Agriculture Landscapes; Landscape Archaeology

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Historical Archaeologies Series

Agrarian Archaeology in Northwestern Iberia

Local Societies: The Off-Site Record

Edited by Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo

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Devoted to the archaeological study of the societies and agrarian landscapes of Northwestern Iberia in the longue durée, this book brings together the results of some of the main projects carried out in recent decades from off-site records, providing a fresh perspective for the understanding of historical landscapes.



Preface – Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo ;

The Archaeology of the ‘off-sites’ in North-western Iberia – Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo ;

The colonization of agricultural space in the territory of medieval Astorga: the agricultural space of Brimeda (Villaobispo de Otero, León, Spain) as attested by off-site ceramic material – Pilar Diarte-Blasco; Enrique Ariño Gil; Marta Pérez-Polo ;

El registro offsite como fuente para la reconstrucción del paisaje antiguo. Dos ejemplos del entorno de la ciudad de Cabeza Ladrero (Sos del Rey Católico/Sofuentes, Zaragoza) – Ángel A. Jordán ;

Intensive survey on the Valpierre plain (La Rioja, Spain): dynamics of an agrarian landscape from prehistoric times to the present – Enrique Ariño Gil; Javier González-Tablas Sastre; Rodrigo Portero Hernández; María de los Reyes de Soto García ;

Roman rural landscapes in the north-eastern sector of the Duero basin. Field survey and aerial archaeology in the Pisuerga-Arlanzón basin – Jesús García Sánchez ;

Pottery, settlement patterns and agrarian practices between Roman and medieval times in the Eresma and Voltoya valleys (Segovia, Spain) – Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo, Lorena Elorza González de Alaiza, Maite I. García-Collado ;

The manure hypothesis, off-site records and the archaeology of agricultural practices in the Alava plain – Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo, Lorena Elorza González de Alaiza, Maite I. García-Collado

About the Author

Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo is Professor of Archaeology at the University of the Basque Country. His principal interests are focused on landscapes, social archaeology and historical archaeologies. He has directed several projects devoted to the study of early medieval local societies, social complexity and inequality. As a result, he has published several volumes on these topics, including Social Inequality in Early Medieval Europe Local Societies and Beyond (Brepols 2020).