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Published Aug 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Roman; Water; Spas; Baths; Swimming Pools; Engineering; Trade; Religion

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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 91

Water in the Roman World

Engineering, Trade, Religion and Daily Life

Edited by Martin Henig, Jason Lundock

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Offering a wide and expansive new treatment of the role water played in the lives of people across the Roman world, papers consider ports and their lighthouses; water engineering, whether for canals in the north-west provinces, or for the digging of wells for drinking water; baths for swimming; and spas.



Preface ;

Water and Why Materiality Matters in Roman Studies – Jason Lundock ;

Iconography of the Lighthouse in Roman Antiquity: Symbolism, Identity and Power Across the Mediterranean – Federico Ugolini ;

Roman Offensive Planning: Shaping the Lower Rhine Waterscape – Stijn Heeren and Mark Driessen ;

‘Springs Sumptuously Equipped’: Meanings of Water at Bath – Eleri Cousins ;

If Swimming Was Not a Serious Activity for the Greeks and Romans, They Would Not Have Had Swimming Pools – Jenny Amphaeris and Martin Henig ;

The Social Lives of Wells in Roman Britain and Beyond – James Gerrard ;

Aspects of the Iconography of River Gods in Roman Britain – Penny Coombe ;

What Lies Beneath? Interpreting the Romano-British Assemblage from the River Tees at Piercebridge, County Durham – Philippa Walton and Hella Eckardt ;

Water and Liminality in Pre-Roman Gaul – Aaron Irvin ;

Worship of the Nymphs at Aquae Iasae (Roman Pannonia Superior): Cognition, Ritual, and Sacred Space – Blanka Misic ;

An Empire Written on Water: A Personal View – Martin Henig ;

Author Biographies

About the Author

Martin Henig lectured on Roman Art in the University of Oxford for many years, where he was latterly a Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College. He is the author of many books and articles on Roman gems and on the art and culture of Roman Britain. Martin serves as an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Oxford.

Jason Lundock completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard University before earning his Master’s and PhD. from King’s College London in Classical Archaeology. His specialisations include small finds, numismatics, Roman/Late Antique Britain and archaeological theory. He currently teaches mythology at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. He is the author of several articles and the monograph A Study of the Deposition and Distribution of Copper Alloy Vessels in Roman Britain.


'Water in the Roman World is a strong addition to our understanding of both water and waterways under the Romans, and how they are analysed and interpreted by archaeologists and academics. It is an invaluable, accessible contribution to the topic, and would make an excellent addition to the collections both of scholars and of those with more general interests.' – Andrew Tibbs (2023): Current Archaeology Issue 395

'This volume is extremely successful in that it brings together a number of different authors, who all provide new perspectives, often through new evidence, on how water was used and perceived. It should be noted that readers looking for the most up-to-date bibliography will not always find that in some chapters, such as in Henig’s. But that certainly does not detract from the work, which is a valuable resource for those wishing to plunge deeper into Roman water.' – Dylan K Rogers (2023): Current World Archaeology, March 2023

'The articles in the volume are brilliantly written and understandable, the arguments are convincing... Overall, the contributions convey fundamental insights and provide important suggestions for future research.' [translated] – Helmuth Schneider (2023): Bryn Mawr Classical Review