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Published Aug 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Egyptology; Ancient Egypt; Alexandria; Nile Delta; Survey; Hellenistic

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Archaeopress Egyptology 41

The Delta Survey Workshop: Proceedings from Conferences held in Alexandria (2017) and Mansoura (2019)

Edited by Ayman Wahby, Penelope Wilson

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This volume comprises the proceedings of two conferences organised by the Delta Survey Project held in Alexandria in 2017 and Mansoura in 2019. The papers contain the results of the latest fieldwork from the Nile Delta and Sinai.



Introduction & Acknowledgments ;
Foreword ;

Western Delta ;
1. Ahmed M. El-Sebaei, Mennatallah Magdi and Doaa Ali Zain, Egyptian influence in the Hellenistic period: A Case Study from the El-Abd Site, Alexandria. ;
2. Aya M. Salem, Hanaa Magdy, Magda M. Ibrahim, Ahmed Abo Zaid and Mahmoud Abd El-Kader, The Results of Rescue Excavations in El-Haddad Site (2016-2017). ;
3. Sherif Mohamed Abd El-Moneim, Amphorae and trade in Taposiris Magna. ;
4. Valérie Pichot, The Early Imperial Era Wine Amphora Workshop of Akademia (Mareotid Area). ;
5. Elena Tiribilli, Investigating the western Delta: a regional survey at Kafr el-Dawar province, Season 2018. ;
6. So Hasegawa and Shin-ichi Nishimoto, Recovering the Landscape of the Waterfront at Lake Idku: Archaeological Survey at Kom al-Diba’. ;
7. Hany Ahmed Abu El-Azem, Private Collections in Alexandria: Saint Mark College Museum. ;
8. Ismael Awad, Mapping and Remote Sensing west of Alexandria. ;

Central and North Delta ;
9. Pascal Ballet, Loïc Mazou, Romain Seguier, Recent Works in Tell el-Fara’in, Late Buto (2016-2019). ;
10. Mahmoud Ali Arab, The Railway Line from Buseili to Sidi Ghazi, Kafr el-Sheikh: Impact on Tell Mutubis and Tell Sheikh Ibrahim. ;
11. Robert Schiestl, Reconstructing the Tangled Ancient Waterscape of the Northwestern Delta. ;
13. Mamdouh El-Damaty, The Throne Chapel of Ramses II in Arab El-Hisn. ;

Eastern Delta and Sinai ;
14. Eva Lange-Athinodorou, Preliminary report on the excavation in the precinct of the temple of Bastet in Bubastis /Tell Basta (Area A), Seasons 2009-2017. ;
15. Rabea Reimann, Preliminary report on the pottery from Area A in Tell Basta. ;
16. El-Sayed Abd El-Halim, The Casemate Foundation Platform of Tell Heboua I, North Sinai. ;
17. Ayman Wahby, Hamdi Abd el-Azim, Mohamed Abd El-Mawla, Mansoura University Excavations at Tell Tebilla: A Preliminary Report. ;
18. Sara Al-Desoky Al-Emary, The Human Remains From Tell Tebilla, Excavation Season 2018. ;
19. Henning Franzmeier, Qantir-Pi-Ramesse – Preliminary Report on the 2016 and 2017 seasons (site Q VIII). ;
20. Annalinda Iacoviello, Tell el-Maskhuta, A Key Site along the Wadi Tumilat: reassessment and New Data. ;
21. Mustafa Nour El-Din, Mahmoud Salem, Eslam Samy, El-Sayed El-Badawy, Hend M. Ramadan, Discovering Sodwod el-Banat 2: A new Nabatean site in south Sinai. ;
22. Mustafa Nour El-Din, Archaeological Sites in Wadi Tumilat. ;

Delta Culture ;
23. Manuela Lehmann and Mohamed Kenawi, Cities of the Delta on the mosaic of the church of St. Stephen, Umm el-Rasas, Jordan. ;
24. Warda El-Nagar and Mona Abbady, The Tannur Ovens in Egypt between the Past and the Present.

About the Author

Ayman Wahby is Professor of Egyptology in the Department of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, University of Mansoura, Egypt. He is the Field Director of the Tell Tebilla mission of the University of Mansoura.

Penelope Wilson is Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at Durham University, UK and the Director of the Delta Survey Project, a special project of the British Academy administered through the Egypt Exploration Society.