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Published Apr 2022

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Architecture; Alexandria; Corinthian capitals; Ptolemaic Kingdom; Egypt; Rome; Constantinople; Hellenistic; Roman; Late Roman/Byzantine

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The Alexandrian Corinthian Capital and its Role in the Evolution of the Corinthian Order in Hellenistic, Roman, and Late Roman Architecture

A Comparative Study (3rd century BC - 7th century AD)

By Ahmed M. Bassioni

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This study discusses the evolution of the Corinthian capital in Antiquity and how this centred around Alexandria rather than Mainland Greece. It tackles the rise of the Corinthian capital in Classical Greece and its adaptation on in Hellenistic Alexandria.



Preface ;

Introduction ;

Chapter I ;
The Creation of the Alexandrian Corinthian Capital in Context of Hellenistic Architecture ;
Corinthian Capitals of the Hellenistic World (Excluding Egypt) ;
The Alexandrian Corinthian Capital: Typology and Analysis ;
Corinthian, Corinthianized, and Blocked-Out Capitals from the Ptolemaic and Nabataean Kingdoms ;

Chapter II ;
Italo-Hellenistic, Late Republican, and Roman Imperial Corinthian Capitals ;
Italo-Hellenistic and Roman Republican Corinthian Capitals – Examples from Rome and Italy ;
Augustan Architecture and the Rise of the Canonical Roman Orthodox Corinthian Capital ;
Alexandrian and Egyptian Corinthian Capitals between 1st Century BC and 1st Century AD ;
Post-Augustan Corinthian Capitals until the 4th Century AD ;
Alexandrian and Egyptian Roman Corinthian Capitals ;

Chapter III ;
Late Antique Corinthian Capitals from Alexandria and the Byzantine World ;
Corinthian, Corinthianized, and Corinthian-related Capitals in Late Antique Alexandria and Egypt ;
The Alexandrian Corinthian Capitals in Byzantine Architecture ;

Conclusion ;

Bibliography ;


About the Author

Ahmed Bassioni is currently a PhD candidate at Alexandria University. He earned his diploma in 2018 and his MA in 2021 from the Alexandrian Center for Hellenistic Studies. He also works as a part-time translator.