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Published Jun 2022

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Roman; Frontier; Limes; Dacia; Romania; Military

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Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Frontiers of the Roman Empire: The Roman Frontiers of Dacia

Frontierele Imperiului Roman: Frontierele romane ale Daciei

By David J. Breeze, Felix Marcu, George Cupcea

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The Roman frontier In Dacia combined several elements, each relating to the landscape: there were riverain and mountain borders, some supplemented by linear barriers, and all connected by roads. The complex system of the border consisted primarily of a network of watchtowers, smaller or larger forts and artificial earthen ramparts or stone walls.



Frontiers of the Roman Empire – David J. Breeze ;
Foreword – Simona-Mirela Miculescu ;
Common cultural heritage of the Roman empire ;
The Roman empire ;
Frontiers and trade ;
The “Frontiers of the Roman Empire” World Heritage Site ;
The definition of a World Heritage Site ;
The task ahead ;
History and extent of frontiers ;
Rome´s foreign policy ;
The location of frontiers ;
The army and frontiers ;
The purpose of frontiers ;
Soldiers and civilians ;
Military administration ;
Research on Roman frontiers ;
Inscriptions and documents ;
Survey and excavation ;
Aerial survey ;
Protection and presentation of frontiers ;
Future perspectives ;

The Roman Frontiers of Dacia – Felix Marcu, George Cupcea ;
The context of the conquest of Dacia ;
The invasion of Dacia ;
Dacia ;
The categories of fortifications ;
Temporary camps ;
Auxiliary forts ;
Fortresses ;
Towers ;
Fortlets ;
Earthen ramparts ;
Chronology ;
The type and the organisation of the province ;
The army of Dacia ;
The legions ;
Must see archaeological sites ;
Select bibliography for Dacia ;
Illustration acknowledgements

About the Author

Professor David J. Breeze has published several books on Roman frontiers and the Roman army. He is a former chairman of the International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies and led the team which successfully nominated the Antonine Wall as a World Heritage Site. ;

Dr Felix Marcu is specialised in the study of Roman fortifications, publishing several studies and books on the subject. He is the President of the Romanian Limes Commission since 2016 and responsible for the enlistment of the Roman frontiers in Romania on the UNESCO World Heritage List. ;

Dr George Cupcea is specialised in the study of the Roman army and author of a series of studies on the matter and also of a representative book for the Roman army in Dacia. He is a member of the Romanian Limes Commission and manages the National Programme LIMES from the part of the National History Museum of Transylvania, in Cluj.