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H 305 x W 229 mm

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126 plates in full colour

Published Sep 2021



Hardback: 9781789699845

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Wilton House; Art; Pictures; Drawings; Early Modern; Collection; Catalogue

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A Catalogue of the Pictures and Drawings at Wilton House

By Francis Russell


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The collection of pictures at Wilton has been celebrated since the seventeenth century; and its historic arrangement is uniquely well documented in a series of catalogues of which the first, issued in 1731, was the earliest such publication about any private collection in England. This volume is the first publication of the collection.


About the Author

Francis Russell is a Deputy Chairman of Christie’s. He has contributed numerous articles on subjects ranging from Italian Renaissance painting and Grand Tour portraiture and patronage to the history of collecting to scholarly periodicals, including the Burlington Magazine, Apollo and Master Drawings, to Country Life and to exhibition catalogues. Previous books include John, 3rd Earl of Bute: Patron and Collector (2004); Places in Italy (2007 – enlarged editions 2014 and 2019); Places in Turkey (2010 – enlarged edition 2017); Places in Syria (2011); and Places in Jordan (2012).