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Published Feb 2021

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


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Ancient Egypt; Egyptology; material culture; archaeology; history; society; religion; language

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Current Research in Egyptology 2019

Current Research in Egyptology 2019

Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Symposium, University of Alcalá, 17–21 June 2019

Edited by Marta Arranz Cárcamo, Raúl Sánchez Casado, Albert Planelles Orozco, Sergio Alarcón Robledo, Jónatan Ortiz García, Patricia Mora Riudavets

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Presents proceedings from the 20th meeting of the prestigious international student Egyptology conference, held at the University of Alcalá, 2019. 15 papers address a wide range of topics including all periods of ancient Egyptian History and different aspects of its material culture, archaeology, history, society, religion and language.



Introduction ;
List of paper presentations ;
List of poster presentations ;
List of keynote lectures ;
Speaking bodies: an approach to the Egyptian and Aegean ritual gestures of the Bronze Age (preliminary remarks) – Christos Kekes ;
Classification of ‘directive speech acts’ in Egyptian teaching texts – Simon Thuault ;
Preliminary study on offering trays in Qubbet el-Hawa – Cristina Lechuga Ibánez ;
Towards a prosopography of the priests of Akhmim from the Late Period to the Roman Period – Marion Claude ;
Architectural models of ancient Egypt: the soul houses of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden – Filippo Mi ;
The feminine touch: aspects of the role of women as evidenced in ancient Egyptian personal correspondence – Susan Thorpe ;
The temple of Khonsu at Karnak: the decoration of the south gate of the pylon – Abraham I. Fernández Pichel ;
Officials under Queen Mother Ahhotep – Beatriz Noria Serrano ;
Evidence for medical relations between Egypt and Ḫatti: a brief overview – Marco De Pietri and Elena Urzi ;
Jmy-r# jp.t nsw at the end of the 18th dynasty: an iconographical study – Dana Bělohoubková ;
The perception of bodily fluids in ancient Egypt – Clémentine Audouit ;
Presenting four coloured linen in Ptolemaic temples – Dorotea Wollnerová ;
Ancient Arabian horses? Revisiting ancient equine imagery – Lonneke Delpeut and Hylke Hettema ;
The demon-deity Maga: geographical variation and chronological transformation in ancient Egyptian demonology – John Rogers ;
What might the temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III at Luxor have looked like? Some hypotheses about the decorative programme on sandstone remains – Linda Chapon

About the Author

Marta Arranz holds a master’s degree in archaeology and heritage from the Autónoma University of Madrid, and she is a doctoral candidate in Egyptology at the University of Alcalá. ;

Raúl Sánchez Casado obtained a PhD in Egyptology at the University of Seville; he is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Granada. ;

Albert Planelles Orozco completed a master´s degree in ancient cultures and languages at the University of Barcelona; he is currently working on his PhD in Assyriology at the University of Alcalá. ;

Sergio Alarcón Robledo holds an MPhil in Egyptology at the University of Cambridge and an MA in archaeology from the University of California, Los Angeles; he is a PhD candidate in Egyptology at Harvard University. ;

Jónatan Ortiz García completed his PhD in Cultural Heritage at the University of Valencia; he is a Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellow at the University of Alcalá. ;

Patricia Mora Riudavets completed an MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. She is a professional archaeological photographer.