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Published Feb 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789698718

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Egyptology; Old Kingdom; Tombs; Necropoleis; Entrances; Doors; Porticos

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Doors, Entrances and Beyond... Various Aspects of Entrances and Doors of the Tombs in the Memphite Necropoleis during the Old Kingdom

By Leo Roeten

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Doors are more than a physical means to close off an entrance or an exit; they can also indicate a boundary between two worlds. This volume considers the Memphite Necropoleis during the Old Kingdom, and proposes that porticos, false doors, niches and mastaba chapel entrances are interconnected in their function as a barrier between two worlds.



Chapter One: About this Study ;
Chapter Two: The Rituals and Tomb Elements ;
Chapter Three: Introduction ;

Doors ;
Chapter Four: Doors, Closing the Monument ;
Chapter Five: Doors, Other uses ;
Chapter Six: Doors, False Doors and Porticos ;
Chapter Seven: The Chapel and its Elements ;
Chapter Eight: Decoration Directionality in Entrances and Chapels ;
Chapter Nine: Portico Chapels ;
Chapter Ten: The Themes of the Decoration ;

Entrances and Decoration ;
Chapter Eleven: The Door Jambs and the Entrance Thicknesses ;
Chapter Twelve: The Entrance Thicknesses and Chapel Walls ;

Offering Places ;
Chapter Thirteen: Offering places ;
Chapter Fourteen: Discussion and Conclusions ;

Tables ;
Bibliography, Abbreviations and Technical Terms ;
General Index

About the Author

Leo Roeten obtained a Masters degree in biochemistry and plant physiology at the University of Amsterdam in 1972, which was followed by a career in this field, after which he completed a PhD in Egyptology at the University of Leiden in 2011. From then on he has been active as an independent researcher specializing in the Old Kingdom tombs of the Memphite necropoleis. This research has led to a number of articles and three books: The decoration of the cult chapel walls of the Old Kingdom at Giza (2014), Chronological developments in the Old Kingdom tombs in the necropoleis of Giza, Saqqara and Abusir (2016), and Loaves, beds, plants and Osiris (2018).