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182 pages

17 black & white figures, 21 tables, 62 colour plates

Published Jun 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789697667

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English Reformation; Norfolk; Norwich; Churches; Protestant; Catholic; Religion; Archaeology; History

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Roots of Reform: Contextual Interpretation of Church Fittings in Norfolk During the English Reformation

By Jason Robert Ladick

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This volume provides a thorough examination of the impact of the English Reformation through a detailed analysis of medieval and early modern church fittings surviving at parish churches located throughout the county of Norfolk in England.



Chapter I: Introduction ;
Chapter II: Methodology & Sources ;
Chapter III: Literature & Historical Review ;
Chapter IV: Survivals ;
Chapter V: Reformation: Iconoclasm ;
Chapter VI: Reformation: Invention & Redefinition ;
Chapter VII: Discussion ;
Chapter VIII: Conclusion ;

About the Author

Jason Robert Ladick is an independent researcher and public library administrator in Long Island, NY. Ladick recently completed his PhD and MA in Historical Archaeology from the University of Leicester and MS in Library and Information Science from Long Island University. His research interests lie in the late medieval/early modern period and historical archaeology, with a particular interest in the archaeology of standing buildings and the transformation of religious architecture in the period following the 16th-century Protestant Reformation.