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Egypt; Habsburg states; Ottoman Empire; Egyptology; Egyptomania; Early Travellers

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Egypt and Austria XII - Egypt and the Orient: The Current Research

Proceedings of the Conference Held at the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb (September 17th-22nd, 2018)

Edited by Mladen Tomorad

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The 12th Egypt and Austria conference (Zagreb, September 2018) saw 39 presentations on current research related to the interactions between Egypt and the states of the former Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire up to the middle of the 20th century. 26 papers are presented in this proceedings volume.



Egypt and Austria – Egypt and the Orient: Current Research ;

Chapter 1: Early travellers to Egypt and the Middle East ;
Letters from Vienna: Richard Pococke en route to Egypt – Rachel Finnegan ;
Terryfying Unreason or a Model of Toleration? Imagining Islam in Fictional Travelogues of Václav Matěj Kramerius – Lucie Storchová ;
Epidemics between Europe and Egypt in a rediscovered work of Giuseppe Nizzoli – Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo & Irene Guidotti ;

Chapter 2: Travellers to Egypt and the Orient in the middle and the second half of the 19th century ;
Jakov Šašel: The origins of his Travelogue – Sanda Kočevar ;
Carlo de Marchesetti: An Austrian botanist in the land of the pharaohs – Susanna Moser ;
Prokesch-Osten jr (1837-1919) – Angela Blaschek ;
The Bombardment of Alexandria 1882 in the writings of Milan Jovanović Morski – Vera Vasiljević ;
Mária Fáy, the first Hungarian woman traveller and her journey to the Orient – Eszter Feró ;

Chapter 3: Formation pf Egyptian collections ;
The Egyptian coffin and mummy of Stephan Delhaes and other mummies from Akhmim in Hungary – Éva Liptay ;
Oriental Paintings in the former Keglević Château Topol'čianky – Marta Herucová ;
Aegyptiaca and an exhibition in Presburg/Pratislava in 1865 – Jozef Hudec ;
Egyptology in the Varaždin area: the contribution of the Bombelles family and the Paszhtory – Varady family – Anja Kovačić ;
The Egyptian collection of the Museum of Slavonia and its donors – Marina Kovač ;

Chapter 4: Egypt in art/Orientalist art ;
Carl Rudolf Huber and the Temptation of the East – Ernst Czerny ;
Adolf Loos’s purchase in 1914: The story of Ivan Napotnik and his Egyptian woman – Vesna Kamin Kajfež ;

Chapter 5: Travellers to Egypt in the first half of the 20th century ;
Fran Gundrum Oriovčanin’s voyage from Križevci to Alexandria – Ivana Funda ;
Fran Srećko Gundrum Oriovčanin in Luxor (4th-7th December 1902): The search for key comparative narratives in his diary – Mladen Tomorad ;
Gundrum’s description of the construction and grand opening of the Old Aswan Dam in 1902 – Margareta Filipović-Srhoj ;
From Habsburg Galicia to the Ottoman Egypt. Impressions from A voyage to Egypt by Stanisław Trzeciak (1904) – Grzegorz First ;
Karel Pečnik: A Slovenian physician in Egypt – Jaro Lajovic ;
Ivan Meštrović’s correspondence to Ruža Meštrović from Egypt and the Middle East in 1927: The artist’s fascination with Egypt reflected in his picture postcards to Ruža Meštrović – Sabina Kaštelančić ;

Chapter 6: Egyptian revival and Egyptomania ;
A case of modern-day burialS in ancient Egyptian sarcophagi – Tomislav Kajfež ;
Egyptianising Funerary Architecture in Budapest – Andrea Fullér ;
Images of Egypt in Zagreb from the 19th and 20th centuries: buildings, monuments, street furniture – Marina Bagarić ;
Ivan Meštrović – creating art for eternity: Meštrović’s fascination with ancient Egypt as illustrated in the family mausoleum in Otavice – Zorana Jurić Šabić ;

Chapter 7: Other studies ;
A new approach to old sound recordings from Morocco – Clemens Gütl

About the Author

Mladen Tomorad is a senior researcher and professor of Ancient History at the Department of History, University of Zagreb. He has a masters degree in History and a PhD in Ancient History and Museology, and he has also studied Egyptology at the University of Manchester.