Architectures of Fire: Processes, Space and Agency in Pyrotechnologies

Edited by Dragos Gheorghiu, Dragoş Gheorghiu

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Papers presented here originate from a session held during the 2015 Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (Glasgow). The contributors attempt to present the entanglement between the physical phenomenon of fire, the pyro-technological instrument that it is, its material supports, and the human being.



Introduction – Dragoş Gheorghiu

A Song of Space and Fire: Is There a Pyrotechnical Architecture of the African Middle Stone Age? – Silje Evjenth Bentsen and Sarah Wurz

Firing the Earth. The Early Neolithic Ovens of Portonovo (Marche, Italy) – Cecilia Conati Barbaro, Chiara La Marca, Vanessa Forte, Giacomo Eramo, Italo M. Muntoni and Alberto Rossi

Architectures of Fire: The Pyro-proximities of the Chalcolithic Dwelling – Dragoş Gheorghiu

Italian Pottery Kilns and Production Areas from the Bronze Age to the Archaic Period (2200-500 BC). A Typological Approach – Agostino Sotgia

Shifting Focus: Expanding the Potential of Experimental Metallurgical Reconstructions – Jessica L. Slater

Ergonomics as a Tool for Fire Structures Reconstruction. Case Study of a Kiln Located in the Garncarskie Rock Shelter in Polish Jura Chain – Michał Wojenka and Małgorzata Kot

About the Author

Dragoş Gheorghiu is an historical anthropologist/archaeologist and experimentalist whose studies focus on the process of cognition, material culture and ancient technologies. He has edited books on fire in archaeology, fire as material culture, fire as an instrument, also on ceramics, figurines and stamps. During the last two decades he has carried out experiments with the building and burning of wattle and daub houses, with kilns and with other structures involved with combustion.