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109 figures; 19 tables

Published Jul 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789692082

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Balkans; Prehistory; Pottery; Ceramics; Pottery-making recipe; exchange; craft tradition, cultural transmission; interaction; trade

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Tracing Pottery-Making Recipes in the Prehistoric Balkans 6th–4th Millennia BC

Edited by Silvia Amicone, Patrick Sean Quinn, Miroslav Marić, Neda Mirković-Marić, Miljana Radivojević

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Balkan ceramic studies is an emerging field within archaeology. This book brings together diverse studies by leading researchers and upcoming scholars, capturing the variety of current archaeological, ethnographic, experimental and scientific studies on Balkan ceramic production, distribution and use.




Introduction: Tracing Pottery Making Recipes in the Prehistoric Balkans, 6th- 4th Millennium BC (Silvia Amicone)

1. Tempering Expectations: What Do West Balkan Potters Think They Are Doing? (Richard Carlton)

2. Making and Using Bread-Baking Pans: Ethnoarchaeological Research in Serbia (Biljana Djordjević)

3. On the Organisation of Ceramic Production within the Kodjadermen–Gumelniţa–Karanovo VI, Varna, and Krivodol–Sălcuţa–Bubanj Hum Ia Cultures (Petya Georgieva)

4. Clay Recipes, Pottery Typologies and the Neolithisation of Southeast Europe A Case Study from Džuljunica-Smărdeš, Bulgaria (Beatrijs de Groot)

5. Looking into Pots: Understanding Neolithic Ceramic Technological Variability from Western Hungary (Attila Kreiter, Tibor Marton, Krisztián Oross and Péter Pánczél)

6. Organic Residue and Vessel Function Analysis from Five Neolithic and Eneolithic Sites in Eastern Croatia (Miloglav Ina and Jacqueline Balen)

7. Technological Variances between Tisza and Vinča Pottery in the Serbian Banat (Neda Mirković-Marić and Silvia Amicone)

8. Pottery Technology and Identity: Some Thoughts from the Balkans (Laure Salanova)

9. Pottery Production at Neolithic Pieria, Macedonia, Greece (Niki Saridaki and Kostas Kotsakis, Dushka Urem-Kotsou, Trisevgeni Papadakou and Anna Papaioannou)

10. Some Aspects Concerning Pottery Making at Radovanu-La Muscalu, Romania (first half of the 5th Millennium BC) (Cristian Eduard Ștefan)

11. Petrological Analysis of Late Neolithic Ceramics from the Tell Settlement of Gorzsa (South-East Hungary) (György Szakmány, Katalin Vanicsek, Zsolt Bendő, Attila Kreiter, Ákos Pető, Zsuzsa Lisztes-Szabó and Ferenc Horváth)

12. Technology and Function: Performance Characteristics and Usage Aspects of the Neolithic Pottery of the Central Balkans (Jasna Vuković)

About the Author

Silvia Amicone, lead editor, is a scientific researcher at the University of Tübingen within the Competence Centre Archaeometry Baden-Württemberg (CCA-BW), and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UCL). She completed an AHRC-funded doctoral research at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, as member of the cutting-edge international project ‘The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia’. Her research focuses on archaeomaterials, particularly on the analysis of pottery technology in contexts of intense socio-cultural innovation.