Miljana Radivojević

Lecturer in Archaeomaterials, UCL Institute of Archaeology

ORCID 0000-0001-7329-305X

Miljana Radivojević holds the Archaeomaterials Lectureship at the UCL Institute of Archaeology (UK), where she graduated in Archaeometallurgy. She has spent more than 20 years publishing on early metallurgy in the Balkans and southwest Asia and the role of aesthetics in the invention of novel technologies. She continues to explore the evolution of metallurgy across most of prehistoric Eurasia as a means of uncovering the histories of metalsmiths, and the societies and environments they lived in.


The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia

ed. Miljana Radivojević

The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia is a landmark study in the evolution of early metallurgy in the Balkans. It demonstrates that far from being a rare and elite practice, the earliest metallurgy in the world was a common and communal craft activity.


Paperback: £95.00 | Open Access

Tracing Pottery-Making Recipes in the Prehistoric Balkans 6th–4th Millennia BC

ed. Miljana Radivojević

Balkan ceramic studies is an emerging field within archaeology. This book brings together diverse studies by leading researchers and upcoming scholars, capturing the variety of current archaeological, ethnographic, experimental and scientific studies on Balkan ceramic production, distribution and use. READ MORE

Paperback: £32.00 | eBook: £16.00