Household Food Storage in Ancient Israel and Judah

By Tim Frank

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This volume serves as a source book on domestic food storage in Ancient Israel and Judah by outlining important ethnographic and ancient textual and pictorial sources relevant to the discussion. These allow us to understand the motivated actions in relation to food storage, and the significance of food storage in daily life.



1 - Introduction; 2 - Foodways in Ancient Israel and Judah; 3 - Literature Review; 4 - Methodology; 5 - Ethnography; 6 - Food storage in ancient literature; 7 - Food storage in ancient art; 8 - Food storage in the Old Testament; 9 - Artefact assemblages; 10 - Tell Halif: the reference site; 11 - Archaeological Review; 12 - Patterns of food storage; 13 - Conclusion

About the Author

TIM FRANK is a staff member of the Lahav Research Project, Phase IV archaeological excavations at Tell Halif (Israel). He studied Theology (Biblical Studies) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Applied Anthropology (Near Eastern Archaeology) at Mississippi State University, completing his doctorate at the University of Bern, Switzerland. He specializes in household archaeology, particularly that of Ancient Judah. More broadly, he investigates aspects of daily life in Ancient Israel and Judah.