To Die in Style! The residential lifestyle of feasting and dying in Iron Age Stamna, Greece

By Gioulika – Olga Christakopoulou

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This volume investigates the culture of feasting and the rituals of death among elite citizens in Iron Age Stamna, Greece, by studying archaeological finds from a large number of Protogeometric era tombs.



The Banquet through the Burial Testimony.; A. The tomb evidence.; B. Material evidence of consumption: The ceramic dinner sets.; C. Bronze vessels.; D. Complementary feasting equipment: Spits, Hooks and Knives.; Fare thee well. The Stamna Timeless Farewell.; Feasting and Dying in a lebes; an institutional innovation with an international appeal.; Symposium, Religion and Cult portrayed through successive layers of burials, (semi)circular constructions and pyres.; “Consuming” with the dead.; "In Darkness We Trust"; References

About the Author

GIOULIKA – OLGA CHRISTAKOPOULOU was born in Patras in 1968 . She holds a degree in History and Archaeology from the University of Ioannina, and a PhD in Archaeology from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. For the last twenty five years she has been working as an archaeologist in the Ephorate of Antiquities in Achaia, Greece. She also worked as a Lecturer until 2014, teaching ‘Ancient Monumental Topography’ at the Department of Museology, Museography and Exhibition Planning of the University of Applied Studies, Western Greece. She has dedicated special attention to the study of the Iron Age in Ancient Stamna, Aetolia, and her research and publications focus on the population movement, burial architecture and burial rituals of this period.