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Published Aug 2018

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


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Early Mesolithic; Sauveterrian; Southern France; North-Eastern Italy; Early Holocene; lithic technology; raw material procurement; use-wear analysis

The Early Mesolithic in Northern Italy and Southern France

An Investigation into Sauveterrian Lithic Technical Systems

By Davide Visentin

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A technological analysis of lithic assemblages from southern France and Northern Italy, this work aims to reconstruct the entire reduction sequence, from the procurement of lithic raw materials to the use and discard of tools.



Foreword ;
Acknowledgements ;
Introduction ;
Geographic, archaeological and methodological setting ;
1 Regional setting ;
2 The Sauveterrian ;
3 Methodological framework ;
Studied sites ;
4 Grotte de Rouffignac ;
5 Fontfaurès ;
6 Baume de Montclus ;
7 Le Mose ;
8 Collecchio ;
9 Grottina dei Covoloni ;
10 Cima XII ;
11 Casera Lissandri 17 ;
12 Discussion ;
13 Conclusions ;
Appendix A Radiocarbon evidence ;
Appendix B Database value list and description ;

About the Author

Davide Visentin did his PhD at the University of Ferrara and at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès (co-directed thesis). His research and publication interests are focused on Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic hunter-gatherers’ technology and settlement systems as well as mountain archaeology. He currently collaborates with the University of Ferrara on multiple research projects, directs the excavations at the Epigravettian site of Landro on the Cansiglio plateau and works as a field archaeologist in north-eastern Italy.