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258 pages

Black & white throughout

Published Jan 2018

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784917593

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Bavaria; Archaeology; History; Manuscripts; Cozroh’s codex; Landscapes

Huosiland: A Small Country in Carolingian Europe

By Carl I. Hammer

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This volume studies the landscape of western Bavaria in the early-medieval period, between about 750 and 850 AD. The title of the study derives from several indications that a noble genealogia, the Huosi, were particularly influential there during the period. Huosiland may be the best documented European landscape of this time.



Preface; Part 1. Contexts: Structures and Communities; Part 1/1. Introduction; Part 1/2. Huosiland?; Part 1/3. Rule and Authority; Part 1/4. Church and Piety; Part 1/5. Economy and Society; Part 1/6. Some Interim Thoughts; Part 2. Connections: Explorations in the Sources; Part 2/1. Reading a Deed in Context: Moatbert at Zolling; Part 2/2. A Private Archive: Erchanheri the Priest at Alting; Part 2/3. A Huosi Sheriff: Reginhart at Fischen; Part 2/4. Huosi Homelands? Sulzemoos and Landsberied; Part 2/5. Bishop’s Official and Family Man: Piligrim at Allershausen; Part 2/6. Pious Women: Cotania and Engilsnot at Rottbach; Deota and Hiltimari; Part 2/7. Some Final Thoughts; Part 3: Secondary References and Further Reading; Part 4. Translations: Sources for Huosiland; Part 5. Gazetteer of Huosiland Places in the Translated Document; Map and Exhibits

About the Author

Carl Hammer graduated from Amherst College (B.A.) and the University of Toronto (Ph.D.). He has also studied and conducted research at the universities of Munich, Chicago and Oxford. After a brief teaching career, he spent the balance of his professional life in international business with Westinghouse Corporation and the former Rail Systems Division of Daimler Benz. He is now retired. He has published four other scholarly monographs on early-medieval Bavaria, two of them with Archaeopress, and numerous articles in North American and European academic journals. He and his wife live in Pittsburgh but spend several months each year in Easthampton, MA, where he has acquired a new research interest in the Puritans of the Connecticut Valley and colonial western Massachusetts.