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412 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (58 colour plates)

Published Dec 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784917197

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Ancient Greece; Paros; Cremated remains; Cremains; Burial; Paroikia; Polyandreia; Bioarchaeology; Osteoarchaeology; forensic anthropology

Parian Polyandreia

The Late Geometric Funerary Legacy of Cremated Soldiers’ Bones on Socio-Political Affairs and Military Organizational Preparedness in Ancient Greece

By Anagnostis P. Agelarakis

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This book centres on the anthropological study of two late 8th century BC monumental graves, including a considerable population sample of cremated males, at the ancient necropolis of Paroikia at Paros, Greece. The study investigates inter-island features of the human record, observable as ingrained traces in the skeletal record.




Archaeologikόn Prolegόmenon

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Methods

Chapter 3 ‘Vase Contexts’ Recovered from Monumental Tomb T144

Chapter 4 Metric Studies of Cremated Human Remains Retrieved from T144 ‘Vase Contexts’

Chapter 5 Bone Elements and Other Materials Recovered from T144 ‘Non-Vase Contexts’

Chapter 6 Metric Studies of Cremated Human Remains Retrieved from ‘Non-Vase Contexts’ of T144

Chapter 7 Regarding a Select Number of T144 Archaeological Contexts’ Osteo-Anthropological Study Results

Chapter 8 ‘Archaeological Contexts’ with Human Cremains Recovered from Monumental Tomb T105

Chapter 9 Metric Studies of Cremated Human Remains Retrieved from ‘Archaeological Contexts’ of T105, along with Intra- and Inter-site Comparisons

Chapter 10 Toward a Synopsis of Results on the Anthropological Materials Studied from Monumental Tombs T144 and T105

Postface (On matters of an unfinished discussion)

Select Bibliographical References