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Illustrated throughout in black & white with 7 plates in colour

Published Sep 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Hardback: 9781784916466

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Sudan; rescue excavations; archaeology; Africa; Northeastern Africa; ceramics; pottery; osteoarchaeology; bones; burial; graves

Sudan Archaeological Research Society Publication 12

Road Archaeology in the Middle Nile: Volume 2

Excavations from Meroe to Atbara 1994

By Michael Mallinson, Laurence Smith

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Reports on the findings of rescue excavations carried out by SARS in 1994 in advance of the construction of the North Challenge Road, Sudan. The excavation area encompassed from opposite the Pyramids of Meroe to Atbara.



Preface (Michael Mallinson);
Site List ;
1. Introduction and Summary of the Test Excavations (Michael Mallinson) ;
2. Site Descriptions (Fathi Abdel Hamid Salih Khidr, Salima Ikram, John MacGinnis, Joyce Filer and Francis Thornton) ;
3. Small Finds from the Surface Survey and from Test Excavations excluding Gabati Cemetery (Laurence Smith) ;
4. Report on the Pottery from the Test Excavations: Sites 101.4, 112.3, 112.4, 118FS2, 153.8, 155.4, 165BM, 166.2 and 170.1 (Laurence Smith) ;
5. Gabati Basketry and Cordage (Willemina Wendrich) ;
6. The Leather Samples from Test Excavations at Gabati (site 159.2) (Barbara Wills) ;
7. Analysis of tanning agents from the excavated leather samples (David Thickett) ;
8. Gabati grave goods from the Test Excavations and the consideration of funerary practices (Laurence Smith) ;
9. Bioarchaeological Report from the Excavations from Meroe to Atbara 1994 (Rebecca Whiting) ;
10. The Animal Remains (Jane Sanford Gaastra with a contribution by Salima Ikram) ;
11. Environmental Material from the Begrawiya-Atbara Survey 1994 (Chris Stevens and Dorian Q Fuller) ;
Bibliography ;
Arabic summary