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H 245 x W 175 mm

98 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Jan 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784915025

Digital: 9781784915032

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Pre-Columbian; Archaeology; Introduction; Religion; Art; Ideology; Mesoamerica

Archaeopress Pre-Columbian Archaeology 7

Mesoamerican Religions and Archaeology

Essays in Pre-Columbian Civilizations

By Aleksandar Boškovic, Aleksandar Bošković

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The main goal of this book is to produce a methodologically sound and ethically valid interdisciplinary introduction into the exciting world of ancient Mesoamerica.



Preface; Part One – Cultures in Context; 1. Regional Perspectives on the Olmec; 2. Comparing Changes in Mesoamerica; 3. Pre-Columbian Ceramics and the Maya; 4. Explaining Copan; 5. Vision and Revision; 6. Ancient Maya Politics and Ideology; 7. Paletin’s Discovery of the New World; 8. Codex Borbonicus; Part Two – Myths, Dreams, and Religions; 9. Religions of Mesoamerica; 10. Mesoamerican Dualism; 11. Forest of Kings; 12. The Meaning of Maya Myths; 13. Interpreting Tlaloc; 14. Templo Mayor; 15. Aztec Great Goddesses: Their Functions and Meaning; 16. Jacques Soustelle’s Studies of Aztec Religion; 17. Mayan Folklore from Lake Atitlan; 18. Lacandon Stories; 19. A Discourse-Centred Approach to Myths and Culture; Bibliography; Glossary; Index