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Published Oct 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784914370

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Classical archaeology; egyptology; Roman; Greek; Egypt

Houses in Graeco-Roman Egypt

Arenas for Ritual Activity

By Youssri Ezzat Hussein Abdelwahed

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This book examines different forms of ritual activities performed in houses of Graeco- Roman Egypt. It draws on the rich archaeological record of rural housing and evidence from literature or papyrological references to both urban and rural housing.



Chapter I: The Internal Division of Houses; Chapter II: The Domestic Pylon; Chapter III: Ritual Activities Enacted Before the Front Door of Houses; Chapter IV: The Illumination of Lamps (Lychnocaia) for Athena-Neith on 13 Epeiph (Julian: 24 June); Chapter V: The House as Social Space; Chapter VI: The House as Religious Space; Appendix 1: Catalogue of Roman-period Houses; Bibliography