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Published Aug 2016

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Jebel Moya; Sudan; Cemetery; Osteoarchaeology; morturary data

Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology 92

Reinterpreting chronology and society at the mortuary complex of Jebel Moya (Sudan)

By Jonathan Brass

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Jebel Moya (south-central Sudan) is the largest known pastoral cemetery in sub- Saharan Africa with more than 3100 excavated human burials. This research revises our understanding of Jebel Moya and its context.



Foreword; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: The evolution of complexity theory and mortuary studies; Chapter 3: Ceramic assemblages and a revised chronology for Jebel Moya; Chapter 4: Implications of occupational traces and spatial use of the site over time; Chapter 5: The bioanthropology of Jebel Moya; Chapter 6: Social patterning in the Jebel Moya mortuary complex; Chapter 7: Situating Jebel Moya’s cemetery within a wider Sudanese context; Chapter 8: Conclusion; Bibliography; Appendix I: Burial distribution map of Jebel Moya; Appendix II: New Register of Graves for Jebel Moya; Appendix III: British Museum sherd trays; Appendix IV: Burials with illustrated pottery sherds; Appendix V: Foreign objects from Jebel Moya at the Griffiths Institute