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Published Jan 2016

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Paperback: 9781784912673

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Byzantine; Mediterranean; Underwater Archaeology; Classical; Modern Era; Post-Medieval; Prehistory

SOMA 2013. Proceedings of the 17th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology

Moscow, 25-27 April 2013

Edited by Sergei Fazlullin, Sergey Fazlullin, Mazlum Mert Antika

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Papers from the 17th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, SOMA 2013 held in Moscow, 25-27 April 2013.



A project proposal for the construction of underwater archaeological nature routes into the Protected Marine Area of Santa Maria di Castellabate (Salvatore Agizza); A Recently Discovered Thirteenth Century Church at Myra (T. Engin Akyurek); Archaeological Findings of Thracian / Phrygian Tribes' Crossing of Bosporus (ITA) Istanbul Prehistoric Research Project (Haldun Aydingun); Routes And Harbour Archaeology: An Attempt to Identify Some Ancient Toponyms on the Eastern Adriatic Coast (Mattia Vitelli Casella); The Bath Buildings throughout the Cilician shoreline. The cases of Akkale (Tirtar) and Mylai (Manastir) and the problems of their preservation and fruition. Can the archaeological relevance help in preserving the ancient remains? (Emanuele Casagrande Cicci); Byzantine Small Finds From 'Church B' at Andriake (Myra / Antalya): First Results on the Ceramics (Ozgu Comezoglu); Management of Cultural Heritage in the Coastal Zone 'An investigation on the conservation of wooden house in Istanbul through the eyes of the population' (Pierre Emanuel Decombe); XII Scripta And Two Excavated Game Boards From Kibyra (Unal Demirer); Dionysus and Ariadne in Antiocheia and Zeugma Mosaics: a Contrastive Evaluation (Sehnaz Erarslan); Studying aspects of Pre-Roman History, Religion, Political Organization andTrading Contacts of some Ionian Colonies of 'Thracia Pontica': the case of Dionysopolis & Odessos (Maria Girtzi); 'The Time-traveler meets Emperor Justinian in Byzantine Era': an innovative museological project (Maria Girtzi and Athanasia Bountidou); Hun Originated/Influenced Objects Found In China: Ordos Bronze (Feyza Gorez); Attic Imports to the Black Sea area: the Construction of the Reference Framework (Filippo Giudice with the contribution of Elvia & Giada Giudice, Paolo Madella, Francesco Muscolino, Giuseppe Sanfilippo Chiarello, Rossano Scicolone and Sebastiano Luca Tata); Stoa Philosophy and Its Development Stages in Ancient Era (Ilker Isik); 18th and 19th Century Wall Paintings Featuring Views of Istanbul (Bilge Karaoz); Stazione Neapolis: A journey into the history of Naples from the Neolithic to the Modern Age (Alessandro Luciano); Fish sauces trade and consumption in the ager Mutinensis (Manuela Mongardi); Reconstruction of the Settlement Layout at Salat Tepe: An Interpretation of the Archaeological Evidence (A. Tuba Okse and Ahmet Gormus); Denizli - The Ilbadi Cemetery Namazgah (Kadir Pektas); The Role of the Corinthian Relief Ware in Sardinia as a Socio-Economic and Cultural Indicator of a 'Commissioned' Trade (Paola Puppo and Fabio Mosca); Underwater Archaeological Project at the Ancient City of Akra (Eastern Crimea) 2011-2012 188 (Sergey Solovyev and Viktor Vakhoneev); Management of Underwater Archaeological Heritage: An Environmental Approach to the Protection and Preservation of the Harbour Complex of Aegina (Ioannis Triantafillidis and Vassilis Tselentis); The Byzantine Castle in Akbas on Thracian Chersonessos (Ayse C. Turker); Agoras, Theaters, Baths and Gymnasia: A Case Study on the Urban Redevelopment Choices of Carian Benefactors in the Roman Age (Guray Unver); A Byzantine Monastery South-East of Jerusalem (Yehiel Zelinger); Local and Imported Art in the Byzantine Monastery Newly Discovered Near Jerusalem, Israel (Lihi Habas)