Yvonne Wolframm-Murray

Yvonne Wolframm-Murray graduated from Bradford University in Archaeological Sciences and then immediately studied for and then achieved a PhD in 2005 at the same university. She has worked for MOLA (formerly Northamptonshire Archaeology) since 2005 and amongst other sites supervised parts of the excavations at Stanground. She has written many site reports as well as specialists reports on worked flint. Yvonne has published articles in journals and has contributed to monographs.


Archaeological Investigations at South Quay, Hayle

Yvonne Wolframm-Murray

Archaeological work took place on South Quay, Hayle (Cornwall) between 2010-2014. The development of Hayle started in the mid-18th century and it soon became a significant industrial centre. This book extensively uses cartographic, photographic and documentary records to place the archaeological and structural features uncovered into context. READ MORE

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Bronze Age barrow and pit alignments at Upton Park, south of Weedon Road, Northampton

Yvonne Wolframm-Murray

Archaeological work on land at Upton Park south of Weedon Road, Northampton, uncovered, among other evidence, two Bronze Age/early Iron Age sinuous pit alignments. The extensive work and examination of the two pit alignments at Upton has allowed a typology of the variable areas of pits (and related ditches) to be postulated. READ MORE

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Excavations at Stanground South, Peterborough

Yvonne Wolframm-Murray

This volume is a report of archaeological excavations at Stanground South undertaken by MOLA between September 2007 and November 2009 on behalf of Persimmon Homes (East Midlands) Ltd and in accordance with a programme of works overseen by CgMs Heritage. The work involved five areas of set-piece excavation and a series of strip map and record areas. READ MORE

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