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Published Oct 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803276229

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DOI 10.32028/9781803276229

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Northamptonshire; Bronze Age; Roman; MOLA; Excavations

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Bronze Age barrow and pit alignments at Upton Park, south of Weedon Road, Northampton

By Yvonne Wolframm-Murray, Jim Burke, Rob Atkins

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Archaeological work on land at Upton Park south of Weedon Road, Northampton, uncovered, among other evidence, two Bronze Age/early Iron Age sinuous pit alignments. The extensive work and examination of the two pit alignments at Upton has allowed a typology of the variable areas of pits (and related ditches) to be postulated.



Chapter 1 Introduction

Project background

Location and topography

Geological background by Steve Critchley

Historical and archaeological background

Archaeological investigations within and close to the site

Objectives and methodology

Site phasing


Chapter 2 The archaeological evidence

Period 1: Palaeochannel

Period 2: Neolithic (c4000BC – 2500BC)

Period 3: Early to early middle Bronze Age (c2500BC – 1500BC)

Period 4: Late Bronze Age to early middle Iron Age (c1100BC – 400BC)

Period 5: Roman (AD43 – AD400)

Period 6: Medieval to post-medieval

Period 7: Modern


Chapter 3 Finds

Worked Flint by Yvonne Wolframm-Murray

Bronze Age pottery by Andy Chapman

Iron Age and Roman pottery by Adam Sutton

Post-Roman pottery by Jennifer R McNulty

Small finds by Tora Hylton

Radiocarbon dating


Chapter 4 Human, faunal and environmental evidence

Cremated human remains by Chris Chinnock

Animal bone by Adam Reid

Environmental analysis by Sander Aerts


Chapter 5 Discussion

Period 2: Neolithic (c4000BC – 2500BC)

Period 3: Early to early/middle Bronze Age (c2500BC - 1100BC)

Period 4: Late Bronze Age to early Iron Age pit alignments (c1100 – 400BC)

Recommendations for excavation of pit alignments

Period 5: Roman (AD43 – AD410)