Mauro Bondioli

Mauro Bondioli is a leading international expert in the study of Venetian medieval and post-medieval shipbuilding. He has been engaged in archival research for over four decades. He participated in the archaeological excavations of the wreck of the galley of San Marco in Boccalama in the Venetian lagoon (14th century) and of the wreck of the fusta in Lake Garda (16th century). Since 2012 he has collaborated in the research of the shipwreck of Gnalić. An author of numerous essays, Mauro has dedicated the last 20 years to developing the dialogue between historical and archaeological sources. He is currently employed as project manager of the ARS NAUTICA Institute for Maritime Heritage.


The Shipwreck at Gnalić

Mauro Bondioli

Unlike official history, which takes long and impersonal strides through the past, this book describes individual human destinies that convey the story of the late Renaissance period throughout Europe and the Mediterranean as uncovered at the site of the shipwreck at Gnalić, Croatia. READ MORE

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