Mariangela Nicolardi

Mariangela Nicolardi graduated in 2008 in Archaeology and Conservation of Archaeological Heritage from the University of Ca ‘Foscari in Venice, with the dissertation entitled ‘Informative and Interpretative Potential of GIS’. She was a team member of the AdriaS Project (Archeology of Adriatic Shipbuilding and Seafaring), finacially supported by the Croatian Science Foundation, and since 2012 has collaborated in the research of the shipwreck of Gnalić, including the study of historical context through archival research of Venetian sources, and reconstruction of the original forms of the hull. She is one of the founders of the ARS NAUTICA Institute for Maritime Heritage.


The Shipwreck at Gnalić

Mariangela Nicolardi

Unlike official history, which takes long and impersonal strides through the past, this book describes individual human destinies that convey the story of the late Renaissance period throughout Europe and the Mediterranean as uncovered at the site of the shipwreck at Gnalić, Croatia. READ MORE

Paperback: £30.00 | eBook: £16.00