Kim Shelton

Director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeo, University of California, Berkeley

Kim Shelton is Director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley. She directs the excavations at the Sanctuary of Zeus, Ancient Nemea, the Petsas House, Mycenae, and the TAPHOS chamber tomb project at Aidonia. As a specialist in ceramics and the political economy of the prehistoric Aegean, her research is focused on workshop dynamics and their relationship to the market economy of pottery, the regional needs of a diverse population, and the Mycenaean palatial administration. Her research on ancient Greek ritual and religion explores the earliest manifestations of Greek religious ritual through permanent architectural establishments and ritual paraphernalia from the Bronze Age to the Archaic periods. She has worked at Mycenae for more than 30 years with the Archaeological Society of Athens and the British School at Athens.


Well Built Mycenae, Fascicule 14: Tsountas House Area

Kim Shelton

Presenting results of excavations in the ‘Cult Centre’ area at Mycenae, the Tsountas House Area contains two buildings and multiple access ramps. This study is essential for understanding the conception and function of Mycenaean religious space and the socio-political development of cult. READ MORE

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