Katie Mountain

Archaeologist (Field and Post-Excavation), Pre Construct Archaeology

Katie Mountain holds an MA in Roman Archaeology from Newcastle University. Her special interests include Hadrian’s Wall and Romano-British material culture. Katie currently works for Pre-Construct Archaeology Durham as a field archaeologist, archivist and on post-excavation logistics, whilst continuing her independent projects on Hadrian’s Wall and Roman finds research.


Hadrian’s Wall: Exploring Its Past to Protect Its Future

ed. Katie Mountain

Celebrating the 1900th anniversary of Hadrian’s visit to Britain and the building of the Wall, this book presents studies from from the point of view of those living, visiting, researching and working along it. The book offers a realistic discussion of current issues and solutions in the exploration, management and protection of Hadrian’s Wall. READ MORE

Paperback: £28.00 | Open Access