Katherine Szabó

Project Manager, University of Cambridge

ORCID 0000-0002-9542-6535

Katherine Szabó studied archaeology in New Zealand and Australia and has held research fellowships and academic positions in Australia, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. She has pioneered research into the use of shell as a raw material for artefact production and has worked on archaeological material spanning Pleistocene to ethnohistorical collections from across the Asia-Pacific region.


The Archaeology of Tanamu 1

ed. Katherine Szabó

Presenting results from Tanamu 1, the first site to be published in detail in the Caution Bay Studies in Archaeology series. Yielding well-provenanced and finely dated assemblages of ceramics, faunal remains, and stone and shell artefacts, these remarkable sites extend the range of the Lapita cultural complex to the south coast of Papua New Guinea. READ MORE

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