Florian Cousseau

Postdoctoral Researcher in Prehistory, University of Geneva

ORCID 0000-0002-6542-7094

Florian Cousseau is an archaeologist whose research focuses on the megalithism of Western Europe. His PhD dissertation, carried out in western France, received international attention, winning the dissertation prize of the UISPP. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher and leads a major European excavation on the cairn of Goasseac’h in Brittany, France.


Bâtisseurs de mégalithes

Florian Cousseau

This book aims to develop and test a new methodology for Prehistory to enhance architectural analysis. Test results highlight the architectural biography of Neolithic tumuli in western France and the technology used in their construction, and demonstrate that architectural modifications occurred throughout the Neolithic period. READ MORE

Paperback: £42.00 | Open Access

The Bell Beaker Culture in All Its Forms

ed. Florian Cousseau

Proceedings of the 22nd meeting of the ‘Archéologie et Gobelets’ Association which took place in Geneva, Switzerland in January 2021. The book is structured in three parts: Archaeological Material, Funerary Archaeology and Anthropology, and Reconstructing Bell Beaker Society. READ MORE

Paperback: £52.00 | Open Access

Pre and Protohistoric Stone Architectures: Comparisons of the Social and Technical Contexts Associated to Their Building

ed. Florian Cousseau

Proceedings, with full text in English and French, from session XXXII-3 of the XVIII UISPP World Congress, Paris, 2018: Pre and protohistoric stone architectures: comparisons of the social and technical contexts associated to their building. The volume aims to break the usual limits on the fields of study and to deconstruct some preconceived ideas. READ MORE

Paperback: £38.00 | Open Access