Elisabeth Anstett

Director of Research (French National Centre for S, ADES, Aix-Marseille University, France

Elisabeth Anstett is a social anthropologist, senior tenured researcher at CNRS and member of UMR 7268 Adès, an interdisciplinary research unit at the medical faculty of Aix-Marseille University. Her research focuses on dead bodies and human remains management, and care in mass violence or crisis contexts. She is co-editor of Human Remains and Violence, an interdisciplinary Open Access academic journal.


Sans sépulture: Modalités et enjeux de la privation de funérailles de la Préhistoire à nos jours

Elisabeth Anstett

This volume gathers contributions from archaeologists, anthropologists and historians to present a rich interdisciplinary and diachronic reflection on the diversity of motivations that lead to the intentional deprivation of funerals. READ MORE

Paperback: £29.00 | Open Access