Donald H. Sanders

President, Learning Sites, Inc. and the Institute for the Visualization of History, Inc.

Donald H. Sanders is trained and educated as an archaeologist, architectural historian, and architect. He helped pioneer the discipline of virtual heritage in the early 1990s and continues to innovate in the field. His special interest is the application of nontraditional methods (including interactive 3D computer graphics and behavioral science techniques) to the study and visualization of the past, pushing the boundaries of conventional archaeological interpretation. He founded Learning Sites, Inc., in 1996, and the Institute for the Visualization of History, Inc., in 2001, to actualize these innovations by creating virtual reconstructions of the ancient world for museums, schools, scholars, and broadcast media. He has been an invited keynote speaker at venues around the world; and publications by him or about his companies have appeared in journals, newspapers, books, and magazines in over a dozen countries. Sanders is the Tartessos Prize winner in virtual heritage for 2015 and Corporate Vision Executive Award winner for 2016.


From Photography to 3D Models and Beyond: Visualizations in Archaeology

Donald H. Sanders

This book explores the history of visual technology and archaeology and outlines how the introduction of interactive 3D computer modelling to the discipline parallels very closely the earlier integration of photography into archaeological fieldwork. READ MORE

Paperback: £36.00 | eBook: £16.00