Dominic Symonds

DOMINIC SYMONDS is Professor of Musical Theatre at the University of Lincoln. He is joint editor of ‘Studies in Musical Theatre’, and has written a number of books, including ‘Economies of Collaboration in Performance: More Than the Sum of the Parts’, recently co-authored with Karen Savage. He is interested in promoting engagement, access and diversity in the arts and has worked extensively on music and theatre projects with communities of young people, the elderly and those with disabilities throughout the UK and Europe. He leads the ‘Welcoming Voices’ project, which explores ways in which music can be used for cultural cohesion between UK and Eastern European populations.


‘Our Lincolnshire’: Exploring public engagement with heritage

Dominic Symonds

This book presents the aims, methods and outcomes of an innovative wide-ranging exploration of public attitudes to heritage, conducted in 2015-16 across Lincolnshire, England’s second-largest county. As policy and practice evolve, this research will remain valuable as a snapshot in time of public engagement with heritage. READ MORE

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