Cornelius Holtorf

Cornelius Holtorf is Professor of Archaeology at Linnaeus University in Sweden.


Archaeology Today: A Colouring Book

Cornelius Holtorf

This colouring book offers a short introduction to the world of the contemporary archaeologist, exploring new approaches and theories of investigation. With text by professional archaeologist Cornelius Holtorf and beautiful, highly detailed illustrations by Daniel Lindskog, each page is full of information to explore, and designs to colour. READ MORE

Paperback: £4.99

The Archaeology of Time Travel

ed. Cornelius Holtorf

This volume explores the relevance of time travel as a characteristic contemporary way to approach the past. READ MORE

Paperback: £38.00 | Open Access

Archaeology is a Brand! The meaning of archaeology in contemporary popular culture

Cornelius Holtorf

Studies the meaning of archaeology in contemporary popular culture. This title is also illustrated with cartoons by Quentin Drew. READ MORE